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  • Phone Number: 812-427-3333
We aim to be a trusted resource for updated information regarding individuals with disabilities.

SIILC provides up-to-date information and access to individuals wishing to learn more about disabilities and related services, resources, supports, options, and opportunities necessary to access and obtain assistive technology to effectively and independently advocate, communicate, defer, transition from institutional care, access appropriate health care, counseling, or family services, increase mobility, integrate into communities, overcome barriers, and maximize independence.

Through a successful collaborative effort with the IL Center in Richmond, SIILC provides Chapter 2 Services for the blind and visually impaired ages 55 and older. SIILC provides access and resources to assistive technology devices individuals with significant visual impairments may utilize to maximize their independence and perform everyday tasks.


For inquiries or questions, please send us your message on our contact form. Our team will be glad to address your concerns shortly.

caregiver assisting a senior woman