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We work to resolve conflict, maintain peace, and ensure our consumers get the right support they need.

SIILC’s Ombudsman Program services are designed to assist and represent the best interests of consumers receiving long-term care and ensuring access to benefits, care, services, and programs to which consumers are entitled. The Ombudsman receives and attempts to resolve complaints made by or on behalf of residents in long-term care facilities, provides information and referral concerning selection options and quality of care, assists residents and family councils, promotes the residents’ needs and interests in the public and elected officials, and provides training for facility staff related to topics such as residents’ rights, quality of care, laws and regulations, and more.

Other program activities include survey participation outreach to promote knowledge and understanding of the nature and availability of the program, community education, monitoring laws, regulations, government policies, and actions to improve the health, welfare, safety, and rights of residents and also working on/with committees with peers whose purpose will effect positive change to the state-wide Ombudsman Program or to the provision of long-term care.


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