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Supporting the needs of those who are adjusting to a life with disabilities

SIILC promotes peer relationships to assist consumers with meeting the challenges of everyday life, learn from the life experiences of others and the ability to develop, engage, and maintain certain aspects of mobility and independent living, promote equal access to services, programs, activities, resources, participation, and facilities, support groups, and such areas as adaptation and information sharing. Peers are generally people with disabilities who have successfully achieved levels of independent living in their lives and want to assist others to achieve their independent living goals.

SIILC offers consumers the opportunity to connect with other individuals with disabilities to learn from the life experiences and expertise of others. This is especially helpful for those consumers having recent adjustments to life with a disability and also those consumers experiencing a sense of isolation. SIILC encourages consumers to participate in community events and activities.

SIILC collaborates with other organizations to provide Chapter 2 services to the visually impaired above the age of 55 or older. This opportunity not only increases consumers’ access to assistive technology devices, but it also allows the consumers to have the opportunity to benefit from peer support during Chapter 2 training sessions.


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